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Good Sleep Service

Talking about healthy lifestyle, we think of gymnastics, proper diet and reducing stress, but we forget about the benefits of a good sleep. Sleep is the key to healthy body and mind, a way to kindness and smile every day.

With this in mind, we prepared GOOD SLEEP SERVICE for our guests.

The service is available on request.
You can order the desired pillow:

●     prior to arrival - send your wishes to: Your pillow will be waiting for you in the room.
●     during your stay in Bukowy Park Hotel contact the Reception.

And if it turns out you would like to sleep on the selected pillow every night - all models are available in stock.

GOOD SLEEP program offers a choice of pillows as follows.

MEMOFEEL pillow - combines the advantages of memory pads, that is flexibility, adaptation to the shape of the head and neck and relief to neck during sleep by reducing muscle tension - with the convenience of a “standard” pillow filled with down or a polyester fibre - the possibility to “shape” pillow to one’s head.

MEMORY pillow - soap shaped pillow casted in the form of a unified structure throughout its volume. Perforation allows ventilation and drainage of the moisture enhancing sleeping comfort. Memory pillow adapts to the shape of the body under the influence of heat and, like the MEMOFEEL pillow, reduces neck muscle tension.

LATEX pillow - shaped - latex is a highly flexible material, responsive to a point pressure, which contributes to the quite different comfort of sleeping than on memory or ordinary pillows. The LATEX pillow quickly returns to its original form, does not cause feeling of sinking into the pillow at the same time relaxing neck muscles. The shape of the pillow helps to position the head and the neck properly and thus reduces spine and muscle tension. The very structure of the latex (large cell pores, proper perforation) makes the pillow hypoallergenic. It does not accumulate dust and mites.