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Great advantage of our hotel is an interesting location, rich in tourist attractions. Polanica-Zdrój is a small but very charming town situated in the foothills of Table and Bystrzyckie Mountains in the valley of the Bystrzyca Dusznicka river. The mild piedmont climate and rich mineral springs here favour the treatment of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal tract diseases. Polanica is also known from the Specialist Medical Centre's Plastic Surgery ward. The great atmosphere of the spa creates one of the most beautiful Polish spa parks with beautiful spring blooming azaleas, rhododendrons and magnolias. The fountain in the main avenue of the spa park at dusk is illuminated by 16 coloured lights and water gushes of 726 nozzles to a height of 12 metres in the rhythm of music. The central location Polanica-Zdrój in the region makes it an ideal starting point for many hiking, biking and car trips. The proximity to the border also allows you to learn many attractions of the Czech Republic.

Polanica's events

Polanica-Zdrój is the site of many events of international importance. Every year there is Rubinstein Memorial a chess festival with decades-long tradition, the oldest in the country Amateur Film Festival "Pol-8", and the Spa Music Festival "Muzyka Świata".


The city has well-developed recreational facilities. There are, among others, indoor swimming pool, sports hall, tennis courts, sports fields and ice rink.

Polanica-Zdrój Monuments

Polanica-Zdrój boasts numerous interesting monuments, and most important of these are:

●     Sanatorium "Wielka Pieniawa" - former Dom Zdrojowy, Spa House in the years 1905-1906

●     Mineral Water Drinking Pavilon built in 1910-1911

●     Spa Theatre opened in 1925. In 1952 it was named after the actress Mieczysława Ćwiklińskiej

●     former manor house of the Jesuits - the city's oldest building, built between 1706-1708

●     Church of the Assumption of Mary from 1911 – 1912. The miraculous painting of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is located here.

●     Monastery, "Christus Rex" in the Sokołówka district with ethnographic museum,

●     The sculpture of Bear of Polanica in the Park Forest - the hero of many local legends and anecdotes