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Sep 2018


Sep 2018
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Medical SPA

We invite you to our unique Medical SPA, where our friendly and qualified personnel will take care of your well-being and health. Our Medical SPA is professionally equipped, and we offer comprehensive treatment strategies (balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, kinesitherapy, laser therapy, physical therapy, thermotherapy, magnetotherapy and various forms of massage), which give the best results in rehabilitation, treatment of chronic diseases and their prevention. The types of treatments and parameters are selected individually for each patient, which guarantees achieving the long-term therapeutic effects and biological regeneration of the whole body.
Medical SPA

Medical SPA Centre

We are open every day from 9.00 till 19.00. The promises are accessible and functional for disabled persons.
Medical SPA Centre


Our rich base of treatments allows our specialists to choose individually the most appropriate and therefore effective treatment for each patient. Individual selection of treatments depends on the following factors: type of disease, the current state of the patient’s health, associated diseases, previous diseases, medication, age of patient, duration of illness, other factors (the individual reaction to certain physical stimuli)


We treat the following conditions: degenerative disease of joints and spine, discopathy, spinal disc herniation, sciatica, scoliosis of spine, arthritis of spine, conditions after spine surgeries, osteoarthritis of peripheral joints, rheumatoid arthritis (except acute exacerbations), conditions after arthroscopy of the knee joints, conditions after arthroscopy of knee joints, conditions after fractures, sprains and sports injuries, painful shoulder syndrome, tennis elbow and other enthesopathies, consequences of strokes, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis. We specialize in rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular disease i.e. after myocardial infarction or cardiac surgery. However, for patients with diseases such as diabetes, gout, obesity and digestive dysfunctions, we provide individually tailored diet.

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